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AVA is a data-driven mine management software, providing clients with a better way to manage their operation. With a low-cost, low-risk cloud-based solution, it works on a subscription model enabling clients to cancel at any time. No lengthy expensive contracts tying down services. 


With AVA, clients have an end-to-end view of their operation through our intuitive cloud-based solution. This includes a real-time live view, dispatch dashboard, event replays, cycle analysis, maintenance management, operational delays, live notifications, and a host of other features to better manage their operation. 


In conjunction with our web application, clients get access to a library of actionable reports that enable them to make data-driven decisions. Driving efficiency, productivity and accountability across the operation. 


Implementation times and adoption rates are two of the biggest hurdles that any operation has to overcome to see value from a digital solution. AVA is hardware agnostic and works with most hardware providers, driving down set-up costs and implementation times. AVA also has a dedicated support team that drives adoption and usage to ensure maximum value is achieved. 


AVA is highly configurable and has been designed to work with mines, quarries, contractors, auxiliary assets, and logistics. Catering to all types of operations.

Features And Benefits


  • Cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere and across multiple devices
  • Works with existing communications infrastructure, i.e. GSM, LTE, WiFi
  • No operator input
  • Minimal hardware & hardware agnostic
  • No operator input
  • Customizable and powerful reporting tools



Improved operational control

  • Autonomously calculate production
  • Identify operational delays in real time
  • Short interval control
  • Replay events when discrepancies arise
  • Individual asset monitoring
  • Improve maintenance management


Enhanced reporting on operations

  • Automated reports
  • Interactive custom reports
  • Integration with Power BI
  • Accurate KPI monitoring
  • Accessible across devices


Easily identify & intervene

  • Traffic planning
  • Operations improvement projects
  • Operator training
  • Accurate KPI monitoring
  • Improved safety & security

Device Plan Requirements

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Provided byAVA Solutions

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