BeMini Asset Tracker

Provided byBeWhere Inc.

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BeMini - tiny, mighty!

The BeMini is about the size of a Tic-Tac box and is perfect for tracking outdoor and indoor valuables, assets, equipment, etc.; and features on-board sensors, GPS and Bluetooth 5.2/Wi-Fi 2.4GHz for location. It can also be wired for constant power and extra intelligence like engine run-times!

What can you track?

Our customers range from wanting to track packages from centers to centers and make sure they get deliver on time, sometimes while monitoring the integrity of the contents (e.g. temperature sensitive goods like vaccines); to tracking and managing forklifts and light-towers (location, run-times), or simply keeping an eye on their trailer and knowing where it goes.

BeWhere BeMini is specifically an asset and inventory management solutions. We allow users to better utilize and keep track of their assets in transit or in storage. We are not designed as an anti-theft solution as GPS and network can be tampered with and do not offer recovery guarantees.

Data and reports

  • ignition on/off (requires power harness)
  • GPS-based odometer data (requires 15 mins. ping motion for ~ 10% accuracy with valid GPS)
  • Geozone: Zone in/out (Wi-Fi/GPS and relevant configuration)
  • 12-month historical data (location and sensors)
  • Battery and sensors threshold alerts
  • And much more with Geotab!

Tech Specs

GPS: Accurate GPS location requires line of sight. Wi-Fi micro-positioning uses 2.4GHz BSSID networks, which accuracy can also vary. BeWhere uses “cell proximity” to show an approximate location if the GPS does not have a line of sight of the sky.

Rechargeable: with mini-USB (cable included). Battery life will depend on the configuration chosen (optimal conditions: up to 500 pings life with GPS; up to 1,500 pings life on Wi-Fi location only).

Configurations: Decide based on the battery life you need. Motion (down to 2 minutes when moving), timer (every hour) or ignition (with optional power adapter/harness). Activate or deactivate GPS to conserve battery and use Wi-Fi only for location; or use our Wi-Fi Leash to trigger GPS updates.

On-board sensors: Light, Air pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Accelerometer (motion detection). 

Included accessories: 2x flexible loops to mount on the BeMini side rails as needed.

Device Specs

  • Built in cellular (CATM1/NB1) and GPS antenna 
  • IP67 Rugged and dust / water-proof enclosure 
  • LED and buzzer
  • Gen9 with concurrent GNSS: GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo enabled 
  • Size:  57 x 36 x 20 mm, only 50 grams
  • CE, PTCRB, FCC/IC certified

Optional Accessories

  • Power harness (DC only; takes 6v-55v and converts to 5V)
  • Magnet mount for the loops
  • Big opportunity? Talk to us about custom development for hardware and/or firmware.

Features And Benefits


  • Available on the following Radio Access Technologies: B3-MIOT-NA (M1 / NB1/ NB2)
  • Rechargeable with mini-USB (included); optional harness wire (6V-55V)
  • Configurable alerting
  • Motion tracking, triggering updates
  • Outdoor Location: GNSS (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS)
  • Indoor Location: Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz/ BLE 5.2
  • IP67 Rugged and Dust / Water-proof enclosure
  • On-board sensors:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Light
  • Accelerometer
  • Buzzer/LED


  • Track big or small
  • Ultra-low power platform (1Mb average data plan; affordable hardware)
  • Low device cost
  • Low deployment cost
  • No reader needed
  • Full coverage (indoor with Wi-Fi)
  • Out of the shelf deployment (slap N' track)
  • Optional power harness for versatile uses (constant power, engine run times, GPS-based odometer)

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BeMini Asset Tracker

Provided byBeWhere Inc.

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