Street Angel

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Camera Telematics would like to welcome you on board and introduce you to our company and flagship product, the Street Angel.


Camera Telematics is leading the way in vehicle camera technology, constantly striving to develop and improve today’s technology to benefit our partners and your customers.


At Camera Telematics, we pride ourselves on the level of service and support delivered. Our partners come first, and our aim is to ensure the solution we provide suits their requirements and budget.


The Street Angel is an Video Event Data Recorder. A powerful dashcam for commercial vehicles that delivers FNOL evidence and captures incidents enabling you to protect yourself against false allegations.


The Street Angel is unique in that it can also be scaled up to manage 5 1080p video channels on a single vehicle, offering reversing, cargo, driver, side and blindspot views.


A merge between video technology and vehicle tracking


What’s special about Street Angel?

The device comes with 128GB built-in storage rather than a microSD card, which can offer more capacity and reliability than competing cameras. In addition, since clips are stored on the cloud, video footage is available at the right time and in real time.


How does it work?

The Street Angel records locally when the ignition is on and will report any event that exceeds a predefined trigger level. Any high event is then uploaded to our cloud server and sends an automated First Notification of Loss (FNOL) email alert directly to the end user, whether that's a fleet manager or claims handler.


Using 4G to upload videos, the device is equipped with an internal battery so that if there is a power loss, it can complete the upload. Supporting the device is our web portal, as well as iOS and Android APP’s that offer comprehensive controls. 


Enrich your tracking solution with our Street Angel and see the bigger picture


Combining solutions makes a lot of sense for most partners as the Street Angel can help contribute to a richer insight to your fleets and drivers behavior as well as protecting your assets against false allegations.


360 degrees visibility

Street Angel delivers a full 360-degree system, ensuring maximum flexibility to monitor cargo, vehicle side, reversing and driver angles, in addition to forward-facing.


Two hundred hours of footage

Street Angel can manage up to a 2TB HHD, delivering up to two hundred hours of footage using 5 x FHD 1080p channels.


Improved duty of care through driver training

Furthermore, Street Angel records telematics data, so is perfectly suited to driver training, whereby each driver can be monitored through our driver scorecard which reflects all events and incidents connected with their specific Driver ID.


Unique 24/7 monitoring service included in the package

Ensures every single video is watched by a person who will escalate accidents, tampering and near misses. This ensures that email inboxes are not filled with false alarms, so you can focus on incidents that require action.


Driver ID

Separate driver and vehicle data to better understand the movements and actions of individual drivers, whatever vehicle they are operating.


Panic button

The panic button is connected to the Street Angel camera and fitted in the cab of the vehicle close to the driver. The driver can press this button in the case of an emergency to capture the video and sound of the incident. Once pressed the Street Angel will upload a video clip to our Portal and issue a notification to the end user for immediate action.




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Street Angel

Provided byCamera Telematics

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