Note: Please contact your Reseller/Partner to enable this solution within your MyGeotab database.

Geotab’s Citizen Insights solution gives citizens up-to-date visibility into public facing services. This includes road service status for snow plows, salt spreaders, waste management and street sweepers. Making this information available allows citizens to better plan their routes and helps identify and avoid areas which have not yet been serviced. 

Designed especially for state, provincial, and local governments, the Citizen Insights solution helps maintain an open line of communication with their citizens while holding themselves accountable to reach desired fleet targets.

Deliver fleet insights your way. Select the best option for your municipality:

  1. Embed the Citizen Insights website directly into your municipal website.
  2. Hosted webpage using the Citizen Insights webpage. This is appropriate for municipalities that do not have their own geospatial department.

Features And Benefits

  • Connect with your citizens. Inform them about the current state of roads, sidewalks or any other service groups that you manage.
  • Configure the solution to your needs. Specify what data is shown to the public. Exclude service groups or vehicles as necessary from public view.
  • Create an open line of communication with citizens
  • Reduce the number of incoming service calls. Free up contact centers and cut inquiry related costs.
  • Ability to set up, publish, and update on-demand



United States

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Paid Solution

Device Requirements

GO7 or newer

Device Plan Requirements

ProPlus, Base, Pro