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Clue is the first fully integrated solution to digitize, connect and optimize all aspects of construction fleet operations - off-road, on-road, tools and crew - in a single platform. Powered by AI and robust telematics integrations, Clue provides operations and fleet managers actionable data, a single ‘source of truth’ and a centralized place to manage their entire fleet operation.

Features And Benefits

Key Features

Track 100% of your assets: any make, model, or year

  • Integrate all off-road & on-road assets in one platform: through 3rd party trackers or OEM telematics
  • On easy-to-use mobile and web (dashboard) platform
  • Customized reports by company and project types
  • All data available via API and CSV

Minute-by-minute productivity tracking with AI-based alerts

  • Track utilization, idling, fuel, and location
  • Self-reporting machine data and AI-generated site insights - by project, asset types, locations
  • Abnormal utilization, activity alerts

Fully integrated maintenance process with one-click Work Orders

  • Unified view of all diagnostics/engine codes with one-click Work Order creation
  • Customizable digital inspections
  • Streamlined preventive maintenance
  • Assign and track maintenance progress and attach images on the fly


Key Benefits

90% Reduction in data collection time

  • No more pen & paper or spreadsheets
  • Normalized telematics to compare everything side-by-side, saving hours of manual data handling

12% Increase in fleet productivity

  • Fuel and depreciation cost savings
  • Increased utilization and avoid unnecessary equipment purchase or rentals
  • Maximize production volumes and cycle times
  • Optimize fleet composition and asset allocation

15% Reduction in cumulative downtime

  • Downtime prevention
  • Maintenance time and labor savings

Device Plan Requirements

Third-Party Device Plan, Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory


Australia & New Zealand


United States


Central & South America



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Provided byClue Insights Inc

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