Donaldson Filter Minder Connect

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The Filter Minder® Connect wireless monitoring system enables you to service your vehicle and equipment exactly when they need it.


Changing your filter too soon can lead to less efficient filtration, increased engine wear, and loss of valuable filter life. Conversely, servicing too late can lead to unplanned downtime and may increase risk of engine damage.


Monitor your fleet with Filter Minder Connect technology and Geotab.


Because it integrates with the existing Geotab fleet management platform, the Filter Minder Connect wireless filter monitoring system is easy to install and use.

Features And Benefits

  • Filtration insights for an entire fleet of vehicles/equipment consolidated into a dashboard view
  • Patented low-energy sensor helps conserve power and extend battery life
  • Clear insights and customizable alerts by text, phone, email, or dashboard
  • A scalable platform that can expand in the future to monitor fuel, lube, and hydraulics filters — additional applications coming soon
  • Easy installation utilizing existing Geotab telematics infrastructure





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