The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System is comprised of wireless, valve stem-mounted tire pressure sensors that continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature. The driver is notified in case of low pressure or high temperature events in cab. With our integration with Geotab, tire pressure and temperature data is also available remotely through the MyGeotab Add-In.

Features And Benefits

Ease of Operation

  • Quick reference Green Means Good™ (patented) LED light gives drivers continued confidence that tires are properly inflated.
  • Real time, tire pressure information is available at the push of a button, making pre-trip and post-trip inspection checks easier, accurate, and more efficient.
  • Visual and audible warnings notify the driver of the specific tire position that is in an alarm condition.

Real Time Tire Pressure Alerts

  • A FastLeak™ warning is triggered when the pressure drops 4.5psi within 16 seconds.
  • A cautionary Level 1 Low Pressure Warning is initiated when tire pressure drops 12.5% below the user-programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • A critical Level 2 Low Pressure warning is initiated when tire pressure drops 25% below the user-programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • An optional High Pressure warning can be activated to alarm when tire pressures increase 25% above the programmed baseline tire pressure.
  • The High Temperature alarm is triggered when a tire pressure sensor captures a temperature reading of 175︒F

Additional Features

  • Patented Sleep Mode setting continues to monitor tire pressure when the ignition is turned off, so that current tire pressure information is visible when the ignition is keyed on.
  • Using the Doran 360™ SmartLink system enables fleets to monitor all truck and trailer tire pressures in “drop and hook” fleet applications


Implementation of this solution requires the use of the IOX-CAN, found on the Marketplace:


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