Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software (Dossier - Powered by AMCS) helps executives, fleet managers, and line staff to capture, measure, and analyze the dynamics of their fleet maintenance and operating costs, and provide the advanced reporting with decision support tools to deliver real results. Dossier is designed to increase a company’s efficiency and profitability, while also ensuring safe operation and regulatory compliance of the company’s fleet.


Augmenting the Geotab system with Dossier - Powered by AMCS is truly a solution where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The Geotab – Dossier integration does more than exchange data, it provides real optimization of workflows and processes. Not only is double data entry eliminated, but downtime is reduced while lead time and miscommunications are eliminated from the processes. Visit to learn more!

Features And Benefits

Dossier (Powered by AMCS) helps minimize total asset costs, and maximizes efficiency, safety, and compliance.

  • Daily reminder dashboard provides real-time fleet tracking information
  • Better, faster problem identification reduces downtime & repair costs
  • Reduce dependency on drivers to report maintenance issues
  • Manage warranty costs
  • Extend equipment life and maximize mechanic productivity
  • Optimize asset selection and specifications
  • Optimize vendor spending
  • Reduce excess and obsolete inventory
  • Eliminate costly data collection and redundant data entry
  • Dossier Lite allows non-maintenance personnel to send meter readings and work pending requests to a Dossier system.
  • Dossier Mobile Lite apps -submit meter readings and work pending items right from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Improve driver control
  • Seamlessly integrate with Geotab
  • Keep PM schedules up-to-date with automatic meter updates
  • DTC problem reports are automatically imported as Work Pending items



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