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DQM Connect is taking the complexity out of driver files as a leading driver qualification file and application management software. Designed to give the power back to trucking companies, DQM Connect manages the full driver life cycle, from applicant to audit.  With our three key anchors simple, friendly, and knowledgeable kept in mind, the software was built for transportation companies by transportation companies. You asked and we listened. 


Our self-managed software has an impact on fleets as small as 5 to larger than 5,000. DQMConnect promises you that we are: 


Retention focused:

  • Mobile Friendly driver communication portal 
  • Guided smart e-application 
  • Easy Reapply for seasonal drivers

Safety fanatics:

  • Behavior tracking safety module 
  • MVR and CSA ongoing monitoring
  • Proactive Training   

Compliance driven:

  • DOT document tracking 
  • Automated renewal notifications 
  • Guided and compliant onboarding workflow

Operations friendly:

  • Customizable to fit your operations 
  • Open API allows endless integrations 
  • DOT Audit Preparation Tools


DQM Connect seamlessly integrates with Geotab. Push new driver profiles automatically once a driver has been hired in DQM. This automated workflow eliminates data entry resulting in less time and less errors. Easily keep your Geotab database up to date with our termination API push. If a driver is archived within DQM Connect, the status is communicated to Geotab, making the driver historical. 


Your drivers will enjoy easy access to their portal by utilizing the Geotab Drive plug in. 

Features And Benefits

For your recruiting team:

  1. A smart e-application ensures that the DOT application is done right the first time.
  2. A guided compliant onboarding process that expedites onboarding from weeks to hours.
  3. Order pre-employment documents with a click of a button with our integrations.

For your safety team: 

  1. Document tracking lets you know exactly who is not compliant. 
  2. Automated renewals reduce your time by at least 50% for all necessary renewals.
  3. MVR CSA monitoring keeps the visibility gap nonexistent.

For your management team: 

  1. A secure company portal makes overseeing multiple terminals and DOT numbers seamless. 
  2. Customization of your applications, onboarding tools, and employment forms allows your company to operate and keeps your team in compliance while adapting to they way your company operates. 
  3. An Open API connecting to other vendors (payroll, ELDS, cameras, CRAs ) is endless.

For your drivers: 

  1. Mobile friendly, access DQM from anywhere.
  2. A communication portal makes completing renewals and filling out forms simple. 
  3. Applicants are guided through a smart application ensuring completion and compliance the first time. 

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory, Third-Party Device Plan

Mobile Version

Each company is provided their own URL to their portal that is mobile friendly. No application download is required.


United States

Supported Languages



Provided byVehicle Licensing Consultants

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