Avoid hardware installation costs with the Driver Enterprise solution! The Driver app is the #1 rated, and most reviewed Dash Cam app in the App Store, which allows you to leverage your work devices by simply downloading the app allowing you to video record your trips. Our app uses industry leading machine learning to provide audible safety alerts (both forward-collision warnings, and distracted driving alerts) to keep your drivers safe. All trips get uploaded to the Driver Cloud, where you will be able to view all your drivers trips, their Driver Scores and get an overview of significant telematic events (hard braking, speeding etc.).

With Driver Enterprise, all your drivers will get the Driver Cooler Mount, Driver’s tested mount to make sure your work devices stay cool and have a good view of the road. Harness the power of video AND telematics through the Driver app to make sure you are always in control in the event of a claim.

Through the integration with Geotab, you can easily access your driver’s trips in the Driver Cloud through the Geotab portal, creating a seamless experience, easy to use, fleet management and video telematics solution. 

Features And Benefits

  • Powerful integration with Geotab portal
  • Capture video and telematics
  • Access to Organizational DriverCloud to view trips and significant events
  • Upload video and telematics over cellular and wi-fi
  • Understand how your drivers are driving through the Driver Score
  • Allow your drivers to access their own driving video
  • Real time Forward Collision Warning and Drowsy/Distracted Driving Safety Alerts 
  • No need for costly or confusing hardware setup
  • Easily scalable
  • Dedicated Customer Success representative to resolve any issues




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