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Netradyne’s Driver•i’® is the most advanced fleet safety camera platform, with AI vision and Edge Computing embedded in the device to capture and analyze data immediately, creating timely alerts for avoiding risky situations. This equips managers with the complete safety picture through alerts, straightforward reports, and video on demand. Unlike legacy platforms that rely on G-force triggers to record video, Driver•i uses advanced AI object detection to deliver the insights and results that drivers and fleets need.


GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score built on positive driving, versus solely focusing on negative events. The Driver•i mobile app dynamically calculates the GreenZone score, comparing it to fleet average and notifying drivers when they reach milestones. Drivers receive automatic recognition for good driving, and gain visibility to risky driving behavior. 


Drivers can self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score. This empowers drivers and improves performance by encouraging healthy competition between drivers, ultimately resulting in lower risk and a safer fleet.

Features And Benefits


·   Driver•i cameras continuously record and analyze thousands of data points directly on the device using Edge Computing. All cameras come with the manager portal and optional driver app to help manage driving behaviors, identify trends, and reduce risk.

·   Driver•i cameras come in three form factors:

  • The flagship D-430 includes four HD cameras providing a 270-degree picture: one road-facing, one driver-facing, and two side window views.
  • The D-215 has a smaller footprint than the D-430; often used in small-to medium-sized commercial vehicles and features both road-facing and driver-facing cameras.
  • The D-211 has only a forward-facing camera, for those with heightened privacy concerns

·   Up to eight camera views available. Both can add 4 external/internal cameras capture in one view, with the Driver•i HubX connector.

·   Driver privacy options available, including option to analyze driver behavior without recording

·   Mobile application for drivers and safety managers keeps everyone informed in real-time with alerts, GreenZone Scores, and contributing events.

·   Technical Highlights:

  • QUAD HD Cameras with 30fps and 1080P - 120 DB HDR
  • NVIDIA TX1 Deep Learning AI Processor - this AI supercomputer processor includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, and graphics. Enables video to be processed and analyzed on the device in real-time.
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer, Gyro, and Magneto - Provides accurate information about accelerations in all three directions, orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation. orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation



Features & Benefits

·       Superior safety camera built specifically for fleets > Best of breed solution

·   Object detection > camera identifies objects like pedestrians, and reads speed limit signs

·   Captures the complete driving day > full visibility to what’s happening on the road

·   Highest definition camera > view license plates and other details, even at night and in bright sun

·   Edge Computing at the device > immediate actionable data for drivers & managers; uploaded to cloud within 3 minutes

·   Real-time in-cab driver alerts > allow for corrections; help to avoid incidents

·   Provides positive recognition > helps with driver engagement & retention

·   Straightforward manager reports > quickly find out where to focus rewards & coaching

·   Automated coaching > saves managers time; helps keep drivers engaged

·   Driver app > enables drivers to self-coach, automatically provides recognition for good driving

  • Analyzed by AI (not humans) > more accurate, faster and generally more acceptable to drivers

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus



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Provided byNetradyne

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