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Drivewyze® Inc. is the leader in Connected Truck Services and is on a mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services like our Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service.  

Drivewyze PreClear 


Drivewyze PreClear is the only full service, always-on bypass service that’s integrated directly into your Geotab Drive App - no transponder required. 


Drivewyze PreClear is also the largest weigh station bypass program in North America providing bypasses and saving drive-time across 47 states and provinces; that’s twice as many sites as any other bypass service on the market today.  


100% Software Based - No Transponders Required 


Rather than using poles and transponders, Drivewyze PreClear is the only 100% software-based service that uses GPS data and internet connectivity built into a driver’s in-cab or mobile device, to provide legal weigh station bypasses without the need for a transponder.  


Bypass eligibility is based largely on your carrier ISS (safety) score, along with other state designated screening criteria such as IFTA compliance, valid registration, etc. An ISS score is like golf -- the lower the score the better. Carriers with the best safety scores can receive bypasses, in some states, up to 98% of the time. 

Beyond driving instructions, Drivewyze provides users with heads-up notifications 2 miles and 1-mile ahead of the weigh station site, allowing drivers time to safely prepare to follow the instruction. 


More Bypasses in More States & Provinces 


Drivewyze PreClear is available across 47 states and provinces, offering 2 times as many bypass opportunities as any other bypass provider on the market. 


Drivewyze recently announced the ability to receive bypasses in the province of Ontario, so if your drivers: 

  • are Ontario or US plated, and
  • have a CVOR number,

…your fleet is eligible to receive bypasses in Ontario. 


To view an interactive map of all participating bypass sites across North America, click here


Understand Your Fleet ROI 


As a Drivewyze PreClear customer you’ll receive a Monthly Weigh Station Activity Report that shows you:  


 - Where your trucks get pulled in the most and the longest  

 - How much money weigh station delays are costing your fleet  

 - Exactly how much time and money Drivewyze weigh station bypass could save your fleet  

 - And more!  


Improve Driver Safety Behaviour 


With your Drivewyze PreClear subscription you’ll also receive Drivewyze’s free Safety Notifications service that delivers real-time in-cab safety alerts to drivers as they travel through high-risk areas, such as rollover zones, low bridge clearances, and mountain corridors, on interstates and freeways. 

See our Safety Notifications brochure to learn more, then contact your reseller to get started! 


About Drivewzye 

Since launching in 2012, Drivewyze has been reinventing the under-served weigh station bypass market with better technology and twice the service coverage.  


Drivewyze is the sister company of Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS), developer of commercial vehicle enforcement solutions to law enforcement agencies across North America. In 2017, Drivewyze was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the North American Weigh Station Bypass Company of the Year Award for its best practices and industry leadership. 


If you aren’t using a bypass service already, or have been waiting for a reason to switch, now’s the right time for your fleet to be powered by Drivewyze. 

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Features & Benefits

Drivewyze technology runs on your existing in-cab devices, smartphones or tablets — no transponders required. 

Eliminates added hardware costs, setup times, and fumbling between multiple devices.


Drivewyze PreClear provides 2x more bypasses than any other bypass provider. 

Utilizes your hard-earned safety score to provide bypass opportunities across 47 states and provinces, saving drive-time, reducing fuel costs and environmental emissions, and improving driver safety and retention.


Drivewyze technology provides advanced notifications of upcoming weigh stations and high-risk zones. 

Allows drivers time to safely prepare to follow the instruction and remain alert while in high-risk driving zones, improving overall driver safety and reducing the likelihood of an incident.

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