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Drivewyze PreClear rewards safe driving with legal bypasses at weigh stations across North America, saving your fleet time and money. Simple and easy to use, it is the only full service, always-on bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder to run. With the largest network in North America, PreClear offers 2x the bypass opportunities as any other provider, meaning less time slowing down for inspections and more time en route. 

To learn more about PreClear weigh station bypass, click here.  

To view an interactive map of bypass sites across North America, click here. 

Weigh Station Bypass + Toll Management & Reporting

Give your team even more time back with comprehensive toll services, in partnership with Bestpass. With coverage across North America and best-in-class customer service, together we provide a seamless onboarding experience and advanced weigh station and toll reporting that will keep your trucks moving. 

To learn more about tolling services, click here. 


Free Driver Safety Notifications 

With your Drivewyze PreClear subscription you’ll also receive Drivewyze’s free Safety Notifications service that delivers in-cab safety alerts to drivers as they approach high-risk areas, such as rollover zones, low bridge clearances, and mountain corridors, on interstates and freeways. 

To learn more about Safety Notifications, click here. 

Features And Benefits

Unmatched coverage with bypass opportunities across 45 states and provinces, Drivewyze PreClear offers 2x more coverage than any other bypass provider. 


Clear guidance with heads-up notifications 2 miles and 1 mile before weigh station sites, Drivewyze gives drivers time to safely prepare to follow the instructions. 


Easy set-up with no additional equipment required, Drivewyze is the only bypass service that runs on the Geotab Drive app and doesn’t require a transponder to use. 


Measurable ROI with a monthly report that highlights weigh station activity, Drivewyze shows you how much time and money legal bypasses are saving your fleet.  


Happier drivers with research that shows drivers are 3x more likely to work for a company with a bypass service, Drivewyze helps drivers earn more and get home sooner. 


Incident prevention with heads-up alerts at high-risk zones, including rollover zones, low bridge clearances, and mountain corridors, Drivewyze aims to improve overall driver safety and reduce the likelihood of an incident.

Advanced toll insights with Drivewyze and nationwide toll payment services thanks to our partner, Bestpass, North America's most comprehensive toll services provider.

Device Requirements

Any GO device.

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Pro, ProPlus

Mobile Version

Geotab Drive minimum requirements.

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Drivewyze PreClear

Provided byDrivewyze

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