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Drivin is a SaaS TMS. Due to its flexibility and scalability, it adjusts to the needs of each company through a modular platform, where customers can add functionalities as their logistics operation requires. Drivin will allow you to plan your dispatches in the most efficient way, increasing the productivity of your teams and improving delivery rates.

With Drivin you will be able to: optimize route planning; monitor your fleet and take actions in real-time; get online information about all your deliveries; notify your customers about the status of their orders; digitalize and centralize your processes; record the exact time & location, capture signature and photo proof, and even record any issues experienced; make freight settlements among many other features.

Use Drivin reports to acquire detailed and accurate data about your day to day operations to make informed decisions and improve efficiency. Our integration with Geotab allows this information to be viewed in real time on our platform or downloaded for further analysis.

Drivin is very easy to use and simple to implement.

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Features And Benefits


  • Integrated to Geotab
  • User friendly web interface
  • Plan & optimize your fleet´s delivery routes
  • Track your vehicles and orders in real time, compare actual vs planned routes
  • Obtain visibility of each stop: know where your drivers were, their time spent at each stop, check any violations, etc
  • All routes are sent to drivers, through our app, where drivers can review order details, stop sequences, and connect to waze to get real time traffic information
  • Provides accurate time updates to your clients about their delivery
  • Delivery status updates allow signature capture, photo proof and issue reporting. Check this in real time through our platform or download the information to PDF files
  • Review analytic dashboards with historical data
  • APIs are available for ERP/WMS integration


  • Reduce up to 30% on transportation costs
  • Decrease up to 90% time spent on planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost driver efficiency
  • Gain visibility over your fleet
  • Obtain multiple reports 
  • Have confirmation and peace of mind that your deliveries are successful




Central & South America


United States

Supported Languages




Paid Solution

Device Requirements

Any GO devices

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Base, Pro, ProPlus, Third-Party Device Plan

Mobile Version

Android 4.1 or greater