Improve your company’s productivity, safety, compliance, quality, reliability, retention, and profits by simplifying communications, connections, load details, turn-by-turn navigation, next-generation trip planning, and more into one simple app. Help your team stay connected and informed with an instantaneous messaging system, customizable workflows, continuously updated HOS, and quick & simple document management. Our platform can work on any device; in or out of the cab. Whether on an in-cab tablet or a driver’s Apple or Android smartphone, the experience is identical. Sitting and waiting in the truck for load information is now a thing of the past. Drivers can receive load information, message directly with dispatch, and more right from their own devices anywhere in the country.

Features And Benefits


  • Maximize driver, truck, and trailer utilization
  • Increase the efficiency of transportation networks
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Provide shippers and consignees near real-time load status information
  • Provide highly predictable service for shippers
  • Deliver needed information and communication instantaneously
  • Eliminate traditional mobilecomm outages that cripple operations
  • Increase Profitability



  • Workflow
  • Telematics/Fleet Management
  • Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with trucking attributes
  • Bi-directional messaging with form/macro support
  • Equipment locator
  • Offline operation
  • Integrated weather
  • Location maps
  • Intelligent locking to prevent distracted driving
  • Site/job rating screens
  • High-quality document scanning and processing
  • Dynamic forms
  • Dashboards
  • Video library management
  • Video view-tracking and reporting
  • Text & video news feeds
  • Payroll
  • Task lists
  • Menu builder
  • Exception reporting screens
  • Data gathering tools




United States

Supported Languages


Paid solution

Device Requirements

GO6, GO7, GO8, GO9, ATT-GO7, ATT-GO8

Device Plan Requirements

ProPlus, Third-Party Device Plan, Regulatory, Base, Pro

Mobile Version

Android, iOS

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