Elite EXTRA is a real-time, advanced dispatch management solution designed to increase productivity and accountability, and optimize your daily operations allowing for the most efficient process possible. 


Elite EXTRA will allow you to easily create and manage routes, optimize and customize routes, dispatch them to a smartphone or tablet, and track daily progress all in real-time. With features such as electronic signature capture, contactless delivery through photo capture capabilities, barcode scanning, and advanced reporting you’ll have the full picture visibility of all the moving parts you’ve been seeking. Accurate, real-time ETA’s sent through text or email keep your customers in the loop, driving repeat business your way.


Customized, and configured, directly to your business’s needs, Elite EXTRA was built to take your dispatching to the next level. As an Add-on to MyGeotab, Elite EXTRA gives you the power of dispatch and telematics integration by working directly with the GO device, providing a single sign-on functionality. This direct integration brings everything you need to see into one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Features And Benefits


  • Real-time GPS tracking and ETAs, from a GO device
  • Displays vehicle information (from a GO device) in the EXTRA dispatch view
  • Easy communication through web-enabled devices
  • Propriety, in-house optimized route sequencing
  • Optimization with priority and scheduling window capability
  • Customer ETA alerts via text or email
  • Digital signature capture
  • Contact-free deliveries using photo capture
  • Robust reporting: efficiency, profitability, exception
  • Barcode scanning support
  • ERP Integration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support
  • CRM and Telematics add-ons and APIs


  • Improve customer satisfaction/retention
  • Affordable up-front and per driver costs
  • Pack more stops into each route
  • Increase productivity (dispatchers and drivers)
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies to improve profitability
  • Increase driver accountability
  • Increase eCommerce sales
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase driver and dispatcher performance by 15%
  • Go green with 5% less fuel and paper usage





Central & South America


United States

Supported Languages





Paid Solution

Device Requirements

Any GO device

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory

Mobile Version

Android OS 3.0 or greater, iOS 9.0 or greater