Engine Protocol Converter

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Understanding the state of your fleet engines are vital in getting the best performance and success from your vehicles. Change reactive maintenance practices into predictive maintenance ones are key to maximizing vehicle uptime, and can only be achieved with strong analysis of vehicle data.


The Engine Protocol Converter (EPC) is a device that connects to vehicle engines, helping to convert simple engine fault code information into statistics, trends, and projections that help you make better maintenance decisions. This device is compatible with any manufacturer brand helping to standardize the collection of information from all types of fleet vehicles. 


Knowing this engine fault code information you can now stop engine problems before they become too costly to manage and repair. 

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Features & Benefits


  • CANbus connection and J1708 NO intrusive
  • Compatible with J1708 / J1939 protocols
  • Compatible with proprietary CAN protocols - Mercedes Benz, MAN, VW, HINO, Isuzu, Others
  • Fully Integrated with Geotab
  • RS-232 serial interface + Auxiliary CANbus Output



  • Maintenance automation using odometer records
  • Reduction of fuel consumption due to mechanical damage or operation failures
  • Reduction of downtime incidents during trips due to vehicle failures
  • Extended vehicle and battery life through proper maintenance
  • Evaluation of driving metrics
  • Synchronization with third-party customer-owned systems

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