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EV Charging Cost Report

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The EV Charging Cost Report allows fleets to pull information showing the breakdown of costs associated with electric vehicle charging, taking into account  different geographic rates. The report breaks down charging by vehicle and by zone to properly support a variety of fleet charging scenarios.


This report does not take into account hourly Time-of-Use rates. If this feature is required then the EV Charging Cost Add-In should be used instead.


Note: Vehicles must be fully supported for Charging Data from our EV Model Support List to use this report. This solution is currently in Beta.

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An image showing how EV Charging Cost Report works.

Features & Benefits

  • Calculate the costs associated to charging your EVs using your city or utility region’s flat energy rate
  • Get a holistic view of EV charging and its associated cost for your fleet
  • Quickly and easily pull the cost of energy owed to each driver for your home charging reimbursement program
  • Customize reports to be emailed on a periodic basis to specified recipients

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