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Built on the largest dataset of real-world EV performance, the Geotab EVSA provides an accurate view of your fleet electrification potential. Analyzing your fleet’s driving profiles to produce data-driven recommendations, the EVSA helps evaluate the viability of introducing EVs into your fleet. The interactive add-in allows for complete customization to run multiple electrification scenarios in a quick and convenient do-it-yourself tool. 


Receive electric vehicle make and model recommendations that best fit each vehicle’s driving profile,  and meet performance requirements specific to your fleet. Access your personalized fleet electrification blueprint which analyzes the total cost of ownership and reveals the potential cost-savings of switching to EVs in your fleet. The EVSA provides in-depth and localized analysis, taking into account real-world performance to only recommend EVs that are range-capable and can perform the necessary duty cycles under the worst weather conditions.  


The EVSA is currently available for users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands.


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Features And Benefits

Best Fit Recommendation

Quickly identify candidates for EV replacement based on actual driving data and integrated ratings from the EPA and WLTP

Database of Available EVs in the Local Market

Save time researching electric vehicle model availability

EV Range Assurance

Ensure EV is a fit even under extreme weather conditions

Financial Analysis

Get reliable financial data to build an EV replacement business case

Raw Data Output of Simulation Results

Flexibility to build custom reports and answer questions specific to my business






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