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GeoTach is a Remote Data Downloading System for Digital Tachographs in the European market. With automatic RDD all information from vehicle unit (VU) and driver card can be easily managed, eliminating the manual download of vehicle and driver information. Download the latest tachograph files without disrupting the driver or accessing the vehicle to improve fleet operations.


Set email notifications alerting to expiring company cards, driver's cards, legal downloading periods, and more. Information is always downloaded in accordance with regulation download times stated by law, and is safely stored for at least 2 years.


GeoTach is connected with the Geotab device via IOX-RS232.

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An image showing how GeoTach works.

Features & Benefits


  • Remote download of data from the whole fleet at the same time with only a company card.
  • Downloads are automatically scheduled to avoid oversights and delays.
  • All information is kept in backup, as required by law.
  • Compatible with all digital tachograph brands.*


  • Seamless integration into MyGeotab
  • Compact design with easy installation.
  • The device is integrated inside the vehicle, like any other ECU.
  • No reviews or periodic maintenance necessary, the device is upgraded and configured remotely.
  • Data transfers over the air.
  • Files can be downloaded in all available formats: DDD, TGD and V1B/C1B.

* Tachographs must support remote download (VDO version 1.3a or latest; Stoneridge version 7 or latest and Actia Smartach or latest).

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