Authorized Geotab Reseller Manager


Fleet Nova introduces the first management app made specifically for Authorized Geotab Resellers. We know how difficult it can be to manage and support multiple clients. Fleet Nova for Authorized Geotab Resellers gives you a bird's-eye view and control across all your Geotab databases from a single pane of glass. Manual and repetitive tasks that used to take hours now takes minutes.

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An image showing how Authorized Geotab Reseller Manager works.

Features & Benefits

  • See and drill into non-communicating devices across all your clients.
  • See and drill into clients that have not used MyGeotab for a while.
  • Add a support or admin user across all or a select number of clients.
  • Get notifications for the alerts you care about.
  • Export all email addresses across all clients to import into your marketing/newsletter program.
  • Accessible on desktop, tablets, and mobile.

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