Fleet Receipts is a Geotab integration allowing drivers to capture photos from a solution fully embedded in Geotab Drive. The images captured in Geotab Drive are shared with the MyGeotab Add-In, allowing users in the database to view, delete, restore, or download images from a phone or computer.  


While the original purpose of Fleet Receipts was to capture images of fuel receipts so customers could have digital copies on record in the event of an audit, we quickly learned Fleet Receipts could be used for a  variety of other applications in various industries.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduce the number of lost receipts 
  • Share full-color images in a matter of seconds 
  • Paperless storage 
  • Eliminate the cost of mailing receipts 
  • Backup receipts digitally for possible future reference 


A flexible solution for a variety of documents including: 

  • Bills of lading 
  • Accident damage 
  • Take photos of deliveries 
  • Document obstructed offload areas 
  • Document site logs 
  • Travel Receipts 

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Paid solution

Device Requirements

GO6, GO7, GO8, GO9

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Pro, ProPlus, Base

Mobile Version

Android, iOS