FleetCam® is a fleet vehicle camera system that gives you a first-hand look at your drivers and your equipment from the comfort of your own office.


View drivers and their surroundings in real-time with flawless live-streaming from up to 5 cameras at once, automatically capture clips of dangerous driving events, and download high-quality historical video right to your computer without having to physically access the vehicle.


Configurable camera setups let you view any part of your vehicle, equipment or surrounding space that you want. High resolution recordings and infrared sensors for night vision give you a crystal clear view. Delayed recording shutdowns let you see what’s happening moments after the vehicle is shut off.


Get a 360-degree view of your vehicle using:

  • Cabin cameras - View the driver and passenger along with the surrounding cabin areas. Can be set up to record audio as well as video.
  • Road-facing cameras – See exactly what the driver sees with a windshield-mounted camera that provides high resolution images of the road ahead.
  • Weatherproof exterior cameras – Rear-facing and side-mounted cameras are available to capture video around the vehicle. Built to withstand the elements. Equipped with infrared sensors that provide up to 50 feet of night-vision.
  • Additional camera options – Up to 5 cameras can be installed to keep an eye on anything you need monitored. Whether it’s the interior of a box truck, a special piece of equipment, or even passengers, you can customize your setup to meet your specific needs.
  • LCD screens – Available for drivers so they can view the cameras from the vehicle. Allows drivers to use a vehicle’s rear-facing camera as a backup camera.


FleetCam® AI cameras automatically record and store clips when unsafe driving behavior is detected. The system’s in-cabin feedback provides real-time driver coaching to help avoid serious accidents by visually and audibly alerting them when they’re distracted, dozing off, and more.


AI cameras can detect when a driver is:

  • Falling asleep
  • Distracted
  • Using a cell phone
  • Smoking
  • Driving too closely to another vehicle
  • Making an unsafe lane departure


Event-based notifications let you know when unsafe driving is detected. FleetCam® automatically records and stores those clips from every camera angle so you can review the footage and use it for coaching purposes. These automatically-recorded video clips can also be useful in the event of an accident where your driver was not at fault.

Features And Benefits

AI-Detected Events with Real-time In-Cab Feedback – Add artificial intelligence to detect drivers falling asleep, smoking, leaving their lane, and more. In-cab feedback gives drivers visual and audio cues in real-time when it detects unsafe driving behavior.

Live Streaming Video – See your drivers and the road around them in real-time with flawless live streaming from multiple cameras at once.

Streaming Video History – Access all videos remotely so you can stream and download clips to your computer without having to physically access the vehicle.

Event-Based Notifications – Get notified when unsafe driving behaviors are detected. Clips are automatically stored, letting you see the incident from every camera angle for review and coaching.

HD Resolution – High resolution recordings and infrared sensors for night vision give a clear image of what’s going on in and around your vehicles day and night.

Up to 5 Configurable Cameras – See everything you want to see using up to 5 cameras in a single vehicle. Choose your ideal camera configuration, combining front-facing, rear-facing, in-cabin, and side-mounted cameras with customizable angles.

Redundant Recordings – Video clips can be automatically backed up with dual-storage options, reducing the risk that you’ll lose important footage.

LCD Screens for Drivers – View all installed cameras live with an optional LCD screen. Can be used as a backup camera monitor with a rear-facing camera installed.





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