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fleetster: Cloud-based solutions for fleets and car-sharing operators

As a mobility technology company based in Munich, Germany, we at fleetster develop software to help corporate fleet managers and car-sharing operators who want to make money with mobility products.

Maybe we've got just the right solution for you! Learn more about what two of our cloud-based solutions offer:

Corporate Car-Sharing – manage the pool cars of your company better.

Most companies share a calendar or book the vehicles by calling the reception. This process is not only slow, but also very expensive when factoring in the time of the users and booking managers. We calculated a savings potential of over 260€ per vehicle per month only by using a proper software solution.  

With fleetster, users can book via the web or the app. Based on the company’s requirements, additional information, such as cost center, reason for the trip, and other details can be made mandatory parts of the booking process. Key management is integrated into the digital flow so that admins always know who drove the vehicles. 

All relevant data can be exported and analyzed. By increasing fleet utilization, companies can often reduce the overall number of cars by 10-30% – resulting in significant cost savings.

eMobility in Corporate Car Sharing

For electric cars, it is important to know weeks ahead whether a trip is possible or not. 

With our range-prediction algorithm, drivers can plan their trips well in advance. The system always takes all trips into account – new bookings cannot be made if they cause existing bookings to have insufficient range available. The software takes the vehicle's battery capacity and charging speed into account. Once vehicles are returned, the current battery level is used to calculate if all planned trips are still feasible.

Allow private use of company cars

With fleetster, private trips can be booked as well. 

Companies can offer their fleet to their employees and forward the relevant data to the HR department to deduct the costs from their salaries.  

See our flyer to learn about all features fleetster Corporate Car-Sharing offers 

Public Car-Sharing – Booking, billing, and marketing. With a platform in your own design.

Public car-sharers have a different goal than fleet managers: Instead of saving time, they want to make money with their fleet. The number one priority is reliability so that the cars can produce revenues 24/7. 

Seamless user registration

Onboarding new users has to work within seconds, and fraud-detection algorithms have to detect untrustworthy users before they can enter the system. Only users with a successful driver's license check and a valid payment method are allowed to book vehicles. 

Billing Service

Once a booking is completed successfully, the money is taken from the credit card, and an invoice is immediately sent to the user. Car-Sharing providers have full control of their billing and account processes. 

Marketing & Pricing

fleetster allows for complex sign-up fees, discounts, vouchers, and an extensive pricing system that allows all logical combinations to be offered and automatically calculated. 

See our flyer to learn about all features fleetster Public Car-Sharing offers




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