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Gamber-Johnson offers logistic technology mounting solutions for all major heavy duty truck manufacturers: Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Volvo and Original Equipment Vehicles meeting full compliance with the Federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) logging devices for Logistics Fleets.  


With both hard mount and no drill option solutions available, G-J mounts are easy to install and provide a reliably sturdy platform to mount any smaller tablet (8” or less) phone or unique technology providing rugged, reliable and responsive products clients can depend on. 

Features And Benefits

Gamber-Johnson’s logistic products bundled with a tablet or hand-held computer offer a safe and ergonomic solution when on the road for ultimate peace of mind. Our numerous cradle options offer all-day charging capabilities and our mounts are easy to install and provide a sturdy platform for a variety of devices.  Featuring many space saving and ergonomic options, Gamber-Johnson has the vital tools clients rely on to exceed the requirements of both the highway and regulations.  Key features include:

  • Both drill and no-drill mounting option solutions to choose from
  • Ergonomically designed solutions to maximize space, convenience and accessibility
  • Designed with maximum driver/passenger safety when installed
  • Designed to meet all ELD regulations and mandates
  • Designed and tested in the most rugged, reliable and responsive sense to maximize ROI
  • Charging and non-charging cradle option solutions to choose from in addition to mounts

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