Source & Destination

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Source & Destination is a tool for open-pit or open cast mining operations. It provides an automated record of productivity by tallying loads based on the material source, loading tool, loading duration, tipping duration and destination. All recorded in real time. These variables captured, allow the user to measure irregular loading and tipping times, vehicle downtimes and vehicle operator efficiencies. The materials management module helps identify instances of cross-tramming and can be linked to external references for resource depletion management. All this information is presented through live, customizable dashboards and reports that give insights into the productivity, efficiency and costs of the operation. The system is simple to configure and has a low maintenance and administration cost.

Features And Benefits

  • Automated Load Tallying
  • Operator Efficiency Ratings
  • Identify Cross-tramming Incidents
  • Live Dashboards
  • Insights into productivity and efficiencies
  • Detailed records of loads, including material source, loading tool, destination and timing




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