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A dump truck’s most trusted box up alarm. The Good to Go™ uses proprietary smart-software inside patent-protected technology to continuously monitor and alert unsafe positioning of any vehicle’s extendable component. The Good to Go™ is configured to emit both audible and visual alerts making operators acutely aware when a truck’s components are retraced and they are Good to Go™. Seamlessly connects with all GO devices via IOX-AUX-M or IOX-WRKS wiring harness.

Features And Benefits

More accurate than a whisker switch

The Good to Go™ warning system includes an in-cab “smart” device and rhodium non-contact magnetic reed switch assembly, constructed of nylon-glass filled polymer, potted and sealed. It is the most reliable and accurate warning system available in the market, resistant to physical damage caused by dirt, ice and snow, or typical failures inherent with other mechanical micro switches, hydraulic pressure switches, proximity sensors, or electro- optical sensors.


Highway Safety Code Compliant

Advanced features guaranteed to meet Highway Safety Code (chapter C24.2) SAAQ Tipper Truck Regulations in effect September 1, 2020. 

CDN Province of Quebec, SAAQ Tipper Truck Regulation 

USA (OSHA) Occupational and Safety Health Administration’s Motor Vehicle Regulation 

(NOTE: Motor vehicle regulations can be subject to additions and amendments, verify with your State DOT/Federal Ministry of Transportation.)


Tamper-proof and maintenance free

A more cost-effective, tamper-proof solution. The Good to Go™ is a self-contained unit, there are no moving parts to deteriorate or require replacement. Fully enclosed housing, components can not be deliberately bypassed by operators. 


Momentary Mute Control

Limit driver annoyance while moving at reduced speed during shouldering or unloading, automatically alarms over 12 km/hr.


Always Ready to Report

Automatic self-diagnostic check upon ignition. Constant 12 VDC output connects to Geotab Telematics, broadcasting position status in real-time.  


Cross Industry Solution

Suitable for all makes and models of dump trucks and all sizes of pup trailers, roll-off container trucks, sewer suckers, double boom buckets on hydro utility trucks, drillers and augers, stone and concrete throwers having multiple extensions, excavator buckets, extension ladders.


Patent-Protected in Canada and the United States

The Good to Go™ holds high customer value and product satisfaction, thanks to DiCAN Inc.'s demonstrated technical expertise and commitment to serving the marketplace with industry leading solutions for collision avoidance and fleet management.

Device Requirements

Works with GO6 and up, including GO RUGGED. Require IOX-AUX-M or IOX-WRX wiring harness.

Device Plan Requirements

ProPlus, Pro, Regulatory, Third-Party Device Plan, Base



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Good to Go

Provided byDiCAN

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