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Safety Cloud® collision prevention service delivers real-time digital alerts to motorists inside their vehicles when emergency responders and roadside operators are on-scene and on the move.


When a Geotab-equipped fleet vehicle is actively working in the roadway with its warning lights on, Safety Cloud® sends real-time digital alerts to nearby motorists using the Waze navigation system on their phone or vehicle infotainment system. These motorist alerts are triggered 15-20 seconds in advance of a potential collision point, giving the motorists enough time to slow down, move over, and make safer maneuvers. If the fleet vehicle's warning lights are not on, Safety Cloud does not send digital alerts.


FleetFusion, an add-on real-time data feed, enables fleets to integrate Safety Cloud data into their dashboards, applications, and systems and to easily share fleet data with partners. Example integrations include GIS systems (e.g., ArcGIS), Traffic & Incident Management Centers, Emergency Management Centers, etc.).


Any fleet that creates a safety hazard when operating in the roadway can benefit from Safety Cloud. These fleets typically use warning lights on the vehicle to get the attention of nearby motorists. Examples include:

  • Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Towing Operators
  • Incident Responders
  • Highway Safety Patrols
  • State Troopers / County Sheriff's Offices
  • DOT / DPW Maintenance Vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Slow Moving Vehicles
  • Utility Trucks

Features And Benefits

Safety Cloud is a hardware-free solution for fleets with:

  • Any Geotab GO device
  • Any Geotab Software Package (Base, Regulatory, Pro, ProPlus)
  • IOX-AUXM cable connected to vehicle warning lights


Included in your Safety Cloud subscription is:

  • Real-time collision prevention service ("digital alerting")
  • Situational awareness dashboard with vehicle operating status and metrics
  • Monthly reporting (includes drivers alerted and key operating metrics)


Safety Cloud helps fleets:

  • Improve worker safety in the field
  • Reduce collisions and struck-by incidents
  • Lower vehicle repair costs
  • Increase vehicle in-service time


FleetFusion enables: 

  • Easy fleet data sharing with partner agencies / departments
  • Consolidated view of operations
  • Custom insights into fleet performance

Device Requirements

Any Geotab GO device and IOX-AUXM cable

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Base, Pro, ProPlus


Central & South America

Australia & New Zealand




United States



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HAAS Alert - Safety Cloud®

Provided byHAAS Alert

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