iMarq automates real-time updates and status reports (with photographs and automatic geo-tagging / time-stamping) from the field.

Connixt iMarq™ integrates with Geotab to automate maintenance & parts requests + updates your CMMS/EAM system. In addition, iMarq can be configured to trigger maintenance based on repair codes, alerts, odometer readings & more.

The Connixt iMarq mobile suite is the fastest way to connect with your crew, contractors, and temporary workers. In fact, onboarding temporary workers from the field is easy and quick.

Any crew-member using iMarq can report status, location, create and manage Work Orders, inspections, service requests and timesheets – all from the field or shop-floor using standard tablets or smartphones.

Your back-office can track field status, crew location and work history on map- and list-views. iMarq can also connect, with existing back-end systems (ERP, EAM, CMMS etc.) from the field.

Specifically, iMarq configures your inspections, forms, and processes for a range of applications.

• Work Orders and Service Orders – receive, create and update from field

• Automated field approvals and signatures

• Incident reporting

• Damage Assessment

• On-field time-sheets & material usage

• Field worker location & tracking

• Material/Parts Request

• Bar code printing in the field

Features And Benefits

We are committed to 

  • Giving your crew back a minimum of 20% of their time
  • Relieving them from the tyranny of complex back-end systems that they don’t like, is hard to use and doesn’t meet their needs
  • Delivering a mobile app that is as intuitive as the best consumer apps with features they are already used to – a consumer-grade industrial-strength app
  • A software app experience like no other for the shop floor & the field



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