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Import HOS Logs

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The Import HOS Logs Add-In allows fleets to import hours of services logs of drivers that were previously in another system into the MyGeotab portal.

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Features & Benefits

• Easy-to-use tool 

• Keep driver's HOS logs in one central location


1. From MyGeotab main menu select Activity > HOS..> Import HOS Logs.

2. Use the text box or use the Template to import multiple HOS logs at a time. Separate each property with "|". Logs must have format:


3. If Vehicle or Trailer does not exist, substitute "NA"

4. dateTime must specify timezone. Supported Timezones: AST, EST/EDT, CST/CDT, MST/MDT, PST/PDT

5. Status options are one of: OFF, ON, D, SB, YM,PC, WT, AdverseWeather, Exemption16H only

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