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Who We Are

Naryant has become a leader in the Canadian software development industry. Our highly structured product development approach, combined with our emphasis on quality, cost efficiency, and time-to-market differentiate us from typical software development firms. Our past successes are a tribute to our vision of innovating, exploring and delivering. 

Naryant prides itself on being a cutting edge, fresh and energetic company that is able to provide innovative dynamic solutions. Our vibrant team will provide the professionalism and dedication that our clients value in bringing their product vision to life.


Our Solution 

Our solution will take the data that Geotab collects from your vehicles and will integrate it with your existing enterprise software systems. Our solution displays live progress and generates standard and customizable reports for fleet managers to access. 

A mobile application is included that is installed in vehicles to allow the drivers to follow their own work, their team’s progress, and manage any unforeseen events in a timely manner with their dispatchers.

Our solution is easy to use, provides relevant information and enables instant decision-making.

Features And Benefits


  • Middleware / Connectors
  • Database optimization
  • Enhanced reports / Trend analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Geotab Add-in / Geotab Drive Add-in


  • Robust processes for business analysis, product management, solutions engineering, and post-launch support
  • 10+ years of experience servicing large enterprises in the private and public (government) sectors
  • Expertise in data privacy and application security.
  • Agile project management with cutting edge tools
  • Rapid prototyping and continuous integration



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Regulatory, Base, Pro, ProPlus, Third-Party Device Plan

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