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The IOX-USB intelligently provides a constant current of power to meet the power demand of any USB compatible device and protects against current surges or low current draw.

IOX (Input / Output Expanders) plug directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to peripherals in your vehicle. Leveraging the CAN networks that run on the GO device, IOXs can be daisy-chained together meaning multiple peripherals can be added to the GO device. This adds flexibility to your implementation, even after installation, and means the Geotab solution can grow as your fleet needs grow. The IOX-USB now allows two-way data communication between the GO device and a third-party device

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Features & Benefits

  • Charges and provides constant power to supported devices
  • Easy installation
  • Use with applications running on third-party mobile devices that communicate with the GO device (see Specifications for setup)

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