Link2Pump is a cloud-based fuel management system tailored for businesses pumping fuel from bulk storage tanks.


By managing and automating the fueling process, fleet managers and business owners prevent fuel theft, simplify the entire reporting process and support decision making with comprehensive data in real time.


These time savings enable businesses to reallocate time spent in tracking and reconciling fuel to other critical tasks.


Link2Pump provides open API for 3rd party systems integration, free updates and training, life-time warranty on hardware, no questions asked. No hidden fees. No binding contracts.


By integrating Link2Pump with Geotab, fleets get increased efficiency at the pump and improved reporting tools, including automatic odometer capture, over the road plus on-site transaction reports all in one place, and increased ROI by combining engine idle and private roads travel data with Link2Pump centralized off-road fuel tax refund reporting.

Features And Benefits

Link2Pump Fuel Management

  • Up to 25% in fuel savings
  • Safe fuel dispensing for authorized use only
  • Real-time data between software and field unit
  • Comprehensive fuel use reports and insights
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Save admin hours in reporting
  • Tank inventory visibility and alerts
  • Web-based portal, no local IT resources needed
  • Life-time warranty and Software updates included


Geotab and Link2Pump

  • Fill-Up Reports: Reconciliation reports match what is coming out of the pump and into your assets. Status and alerts to remain on top of all fuel data
  • Off-Road Tracking: Fuel tax refunds are now easy to claim, by tracking idle hours and off-road usage from the engine. Automatically streamlined data to generate pre-filled forms
  • Odometer Capture: Time savings at the pump and accurate miles and MPH reporting. Expedited fill-ups by eliminating need for driver entering odometer. Data is automatically pulled from MyGeotab into Link2Pump
  • Vehicle Management: Easy and fast integration Startup by matching GO devices to L2P vehicles directly from MyGeotab portal

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