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Looking for a way to make vehicle and machine data actionable? Take the next step in digital integration with LogiMove, transforming processes and workflows including inspection, damage detection, service and maintenance and dispatching orders and tasks. LogiMove helps you to capture, store and analyze everything that happens in the field, even without internet connection.


LogiMove process platform is a data collector, inspection, dispatcher, library, communication, and customer management tool – all integrated into your smartphone, straight in your pocket. 


You can view this data on our customizable dashboard at 50,000 feet or down to the individual asset. 


Digital maps, pictograms and checklists are just some of the few elements our rich interface library offers you. Our low-code technology makes it possible to implement changes in real time by using drag & drop in your browser. Power your business today and have an existing solution in 6 weeks – customized for your specific needs. 

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An image showing how LogiMove CheckMobile Process Platform works.

Features & Benefits

Real time mobile applications – create the relevant processes for your needs without coding and see the mobile app running within seconds


Offline mode – collect data straight from the field, even without internet connection


Integrate to any system in place – have all your data in one, user-friendly interface by enabling your existing ERP system.


No data integration – capture consistent, complete and clear data thanks to our digital forms, and store data straight into your Data Warehouse.


Power of Business Intelligence – see data live, thanks to LogiMove live AI dashboard and take the right decisions in real time.

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