McLeod Software’s LoadMaster integrates with Geotab to automate driver hour updates within the LoadMaster Dispatch module. Automated retrieval of the driver’s HOS data, including available drive and on-duty hours, allows our customers to better manage driver availability. 


Our solution is the most advanced enterprise-wide software solution available for trucking companies, offering a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system and a complete accounting software solution all in one package. Tailor this solution to your own unique business processes, while taking advantage of a robust and broad set of functional capabilities.


Gain visibility into the ETA of in-progress dispatches, allowing you to decrease late deliveries, maximize driver utilization and satisfaction, enhance compliance and productivity, and improve customer service.


McLeod Mobile Application for Drivers


The McLeod Driver App gives our customers the ability to brand their mobile applications and offer them to drivers, carriers, and customers in the App Store. These applications deliver valuable functionality through a secure connection to your McLeod system.


The Driver App includes features like viewing settlements, document capture, mobile communications and dispatch, motor accident reporting and driver recruiting all from their company’s mobile devices. Drivers can download the app for their phone or tablet for free.

Note: McLeod Software services over-the-road trucking companies across the U.S. and Canada.

Features And Benefits


  • Automated, continuous retrieval of updated driver hours data for the drivers’ current day available drive and on-duty hours, as well as updates to time logged by duty status category for current day
  • Scheduled calls for updates to current cycle HOS by status category based on log edits performed
  • Visibility to driver hours updates within LoadMaster’s Dispatch Order Planning and Driver Management
  • Continuous updates of tractor last reported position, visible in many places within the Dispatch and Mobile Communications module


  • Centralizes visibility to drivers’ HOS and tractor positions
  • Improves driver management for resolving driver noncompliance issues
  • Increases opportunities for maximizing driver utilization and load assignment
  • Provides visibility to tractor positions for ETA and out-of-route management
  • Reduces data entry for driver managers and dispatch staff



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