Our artificial intelligence camera system is focused on safety, reduction and prevention of accidents caused on the highway. Protecting both drivers and pedestrians in the streets.


Driver Assistance ADAS system

Our advanced system of intelligent driver assistance cameras is capable of capturing everything that happens in front of your vehicle, thus managing to generate alerts that help reduce the risk of accidents.



• Risk of Forward Collision Warning

• Headway Monitoring System

• Lane Departure

• Pedestrian Warning


Avoid Misconduct DSM System

Our intelligent facial analysis system is capable of locally alerting the driver whenever it detects any of the following behaviors:


• Driver Smoking

• Distracted Driver

• Tired Driver

• Driver Using Cell Phone

• Unrecognized Driver

• Use of Seat Belt


Blind Spot Camera

This camera system eliminates blind spots as well as alerting both the driver (through an audible/visual alarm in the cabin), and externally to pedestrians (through a horn installed on the side of the unit) when the vehicle travels at a dangerous distance from a pedestrian.


Reverse Camera

Camera located at the rear of the vehicle that supports the driver to perform maneuvers more easily and safely.

Visualization and registration of all your cameras at all times

All our camera systems are integrated into the MyGeotab database.

Features And Benefits


· Live view of all your cameras in real time.

· Registration and download of all the videos generated by the alerts.

· Configuration of alerts for automatic storage in the cloud.

· Complete administration of users and units.

· Generation of attended and unattended alerts.

· Notification alerts (pop up and email).



· Increased safety to save human lives

· Timely detection for accident prevention

· Generation of automatic alarms

· Evidence and registration in real time

· Improve driving habits

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