Nauto Driver and Fleet Safety Platform

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Nauto has developed advanced computer vision and multi-sensor fusion AI algorithms and operates them on the ‘edge’, allowing for real-time predictions and earlier-warnings than traditional ADAS systems and video telematics. Nauto’s technology was designed and architected to leverage AI from the very beginning allowing it to build a highly accurate and precise safety platform. It also benefits from over 1.3B AI-detected miles to identify a wide-range of real-world situations. As a result, Nauto’s predictive-AI can detect 91% of risks, with approximately 99% accuracy and detects many near-collisions as well.

  • Predict - Simultaneously assess complete, real-time risk from driver behavior, traffic elements, vehicle movement, and critical contextual data
  • Prevent - Help drivers take action before incidents occur, not after
  • Save - Help reduce operational costs, lower insurance spend, achieve safety metrics, exonerate drivers, and save lives

Features And Benefits

Nauto Predictive Collision Alerts

Assess, predict, and alert drivers of imminent risks to avoid collisions. Predictive Collision Alerts could give drivers as much as 100 extra feet to react to a potential collision when traveling at 60 mph and are 400% more effective compared to traditional approaches in reducing rear-end collisions.

  • Rear-end collision alerts from in and around your vehicle


Nauto Driver Behavior Alerts

End distracted and drowsy driving by alerting drivers in real-time. Driver Behavior Alerts reduce distracted driving in 80% of drivers without manager intervention and can help drivers reduce the frequency, duration, and distance travelled while distracted by over 40%. Help reduce repair and maintenance costs by keeping fleet vehicles out of collisions.

  • Distracted driving and drowsiness
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking


Nauto Self-Guided Coaching

Equip drivers to self-coach and improve driving behavior with AI dash cam videos. Self-Guided Coaching enable drivers to self-coach and improve their behavior before formal training is needed. Build trust with fleet drivers by giving full transparency into uploaded videos.

  • Driver app
  • VERA Score
  • Coachable event media and details
  • Driver-initiated events


Nauto Manager-Led Coaching

Identify coaching and training opportunities to improve your safety program. Manager-Led Coaching can quickly identify high-risk drivers, prioritize coachable events, and document training discussions for accountability, and has helped commercial fleets reduce collision frequency by over 35%.

  • Safety assessment and event insights
  • Coaching workflow
  • Configurable reports
  • Program tools


Nauto Incident Reporting

Reduce collision-related costs with prompt and reliable incident video and data. Incident Reporting provides immediate notifications for detected collisions and video confirmation give you the information you need to help address incidents, protect drivers, and reduce claims costs. Streamline your claims handling operations with video and comprehensive analysis for every collision. Provide evidence to help combat frivolous fleet claims, and save money and time with instant on-demand video uploads.

  • AI-powered collision detection
  • Suspected and confirmed incident notifications
  • Collision videos and reports


Nauto On-Demand Video

Use video evidence to exonerate drivers, settle claims, and limit risk exposure. On-Demand Video delivers when more evidence is needed – request videos to support your coaching discussions and claims processing and to help exonerate drivers from wrongful claims. Leverage custom video requests to confirm deliveries and service calls when customer disputes arise.

  • Custom video request: active vehicles
  • Custom video request: parked vehicles
  • Trip history

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory

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Nauto Driver and Fleet Safety Platform

Provided byNauto

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