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Navistar’s OnCommand™ Connection is the first and only open architecture remote diagnostic system. The system is compatible with all types of commercial trucks including heavy-duty and medium duty trucks, buses and severe vehicles. 


This solution utilizes customers’ existing Geotab hardware with no additional cost to the fleet. When a fault code is detected, this proprietary system utilizes the Geotab SDK to provide a description of the fault code, its severity, and a recommended action plan to resolve the issue. This information empowers fleet managers to make better and more cost effective decisions when responding to problems, resulting in greater uptime, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

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An image showing how OnCommand Connection works.

Features & Benefits

Product Features

  • Reduce en route events by proactively scheduling maintenance and repairs
  • Map tools that plot truck locations, nearest dealers, hotels and local towing providers
  • Generate real-time comprehensive vehicle "Health Reports"
  • Understand fault codes quickly and easily with descriptions in plain English
  • Gain more insight with fault code action plans that provide severity information and recommend solutions

Product Benefits

  • Transmit truck data (fault, location, speed, etc.)
  • Diagnose faults and identify severity
  • Provide the health status of the entire fleet through a single portal
  • Increases uptime, reduce downtime and lower repair costs

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