PakEnergy Transportation is an intuitive and easy to use transportation management solution (TMS) for bulk transportation fleets. PakEnergy Transportation provides organizations a central repository for all driver, truck, trailer, and location information; go to one place to find your company information. Customize your pickup and drop off tickets and driver inputs, and enjoy real time load management and full fleet visibility. Use PakEnergy Transportation to define your organizational processes and drive increased efficiency within your fleet.


Solution Highlights

  • Full-featured integration with Geotab Drive Mobile Application
  • Integrated Hours of Service
  • Synchronization of Vehicle Information
  • Centralized Operational Support
  • Smart Load Entry System
  • Automated & Optimized Dispatch
  • Intuitive Driver Communication
  • Advanced Load Reporting & Run Ticket Management

Features And Benefits

Geotab Features

  • Integration with Geotab Drive App allows seamless movement directly into PakEnergy Transportation as part of the driver workflow.
  • Sync HOS information into the PakEnergy Transportation Driver App so drivers never lose sight of their current hour status.
  • Sync HOS information onto the PakEnergy Transportation Dispatch Screen to keep the dispatcher up to date on how drivers are progressing in relationship to the loads assigned. Highlights any potential hour violations.
  • All truck, trailer and driver information, including rule set, is maintained in PakEnergy Transportation and feeds the Geotab portal allowing fleets to keep one set of records.
  • Trucks and trailers selected during the Geotab Drive DVIR process will automatically log the driver into those assets in PakEnergy Transportation ensuring the two systems stay in sync.

PakEnergy Transportation Core Features

Create, Manage and Standardize all Key Components of the Operation in a Centralized System

  • Pick up and drop off locations can be quickly uploaded via a spreadsheet. Upload thousands of locations in seconds, saving your organization time and resources.
  • Designate between drivers and contractors.
  • Customers and rate sheet information can be populated into PakEnergy Transportation providing dispatchers visibility.
  • Streamline communications within your company using PakEnergy Transportation.

Load Management made Easy

  • Easy single load entry ensures accuracy of information.
  • Mass import multiple loads via Excel spreadsheets to save time.
  • Intuitive split load management provides operational flexibility with both the dispatcher and driver.
  • Logged miles between pick up and drop off locations ensure consistent customer billing.
  • Email driver their shifts prior to scheduled start time, improving communication.
  • Track and monitor drop off nominations ensuring your company’s commitments with both internal and external customers are met.

Make Dispatching a Breeze

  • Assisted dispatch provides your dispatcher insight into the best loads to give the selected driver, thereby maximizing loaded miles and minimizing deadhead.
  • Assign, drop or rearrange loads with ease using the drag and drop dispatch board.
  • Real-time visibility of the fleet and ticket information improves your ability to communicate your fleets progress throughout the day.
  • Single screen interface lets you view and monitor all drivers and loads. The color indicators alert you to issues in real-time allowing you to make adjustments which will save you money and improve customer experience.

Review, Reconcile and Communicate Load Progress and Completion

  • A single screen lets you review all load and ticket information to easily sort information across a variety of variables.
  • Dynamic search and filtering ensures you are looking at only the most pertinent information based on your request.
  • Export run ticket information to Excel or PDF giving you the versatility your company demands.
  • Customer formatted templates and automated reports ensures the information from PakEnergy Transportation meets and exceeds expectations.
  • Email advanced driver shift schedules directly from portal for enhanced organization and communication



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