Perspio™ is a SaaS-based modular data fusion platform that makes the link between telemetry data from devices like Geotab and operational systems like ERP, Asset management systems, CRMs, HRMS, L&D, and so on, making it easier to leverage the real-time data to automate your workflows and make the operation more efficient.

What does this mean?

  • Data in Perspio™ is no longer siloed from the rest of the operation - it has context and additional attributes that provide operations all the relevant information around the assets monitored in one screen
  • Data in Perspio™ is also unrestricted to telemetry data, any digital data thread that is relevant can be brought in the platform to interact with, either through our super fast and modern UI, or via API. The list of existing connectors is ever-growing and can be found here:
  • Data in Perspio™ can then be leveraged to trigger workflows in 3rd party systems, on top of SMS and Email:
  • Create a Service Request in a work order system, with a pre-populated digital form assigned to a technician,
  • Create an opportunity in a CRM for a salesperson to call a customer with all the data relevant to this call recorded
  • Assign a learning course to a driver in a LMS from the driver metrics
  • Create an invoice in a financial system to be approved and sent
  • Write to an ERP or asset management system in real time (engine hours, odometer reading, charges on a contract)

Perspio™'s flexibility makes the right data available to the right person, in a system they already know, so that their job is made more efficient.



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