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Try Pitstop's Fleet Maintenance Software ROI Calculator | Improve your bottom line with Pitstop

Wondering if predictive maintenance is right for you?

Stop wondering and start calculating! Find out your specific fleet savings with Pitstop with this free ROI calculator.

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Pitstop is a Predictive Maintenance Software that couples AI technology with customers’ telematics to enable fleets to leverage the wealth of data and information available from their vehicles in order to cut costs, reduce downtime and improve maintenance efficiencies. With a leading 94% Accuracy Rate, Pitstop predicts and communicates vehicle failures, the maintenance needs of vehicles, and vehicle-related data in real-time (i.e. battery voltage, fuel trims, diesel exhaust parameters, etc.). 


Using Pitstop's proprietary insights and predicting vehicle failures weeks before they happen, fleets can make insightful business decisions to optimize their service visits to drastically reduce downtime (by up to 20%), improve repair cost (save up to $2000 per vehicle/year), reduce risk and see significant returns on investment. Not to mention make a fleet manager's job significantly easier. 

Perfect for Fleet Managers who are looking for an affordable solution to digitize and streamline their maintenance operations.

Features And Benefits


  • Reduce the noise with real-time alerts on high probability failures for each vehicle, organized by critical, major, and minor risks
  • Pitstop utilizes Geotab’s telematics data to create proprietary algorithms and reports for batteries, DEF, brakes, vehicle health scores, and more
  • Group services to prioritize based on the severity of predictive insights and vehicle’s historical data, alerting maintenance shops ahead of time to avoid delays on part shortages
  • Prioritized fault codes and set up custom rules to automatically clear after a period of time to reduce manual work 
  • Facilitate in-house maintenance with work order management and VMRS
  • Email alerts for predicted and scheduled maintenance, recalls and inspections
  • Vehicle ranking summary to determine which vehicles to turnover in your fleet
  • Receive weekly summary to ensure data accessibility and transparency
  • Custom report builders to share results cross-functionally
  • Service-Shop integration for capturing service history information to create workflows and provide insights to service shops



  • Customers have seen an average of 20% increase in uptime with Pitstop’s predictive maintenance
  • Pitstop’s predictive component insights have a winning 94% accuracy rate
  • Significant ROI with many of our customers experiencing 10X
  • Works with a wide range of vehicles including Class 1-8
  • Save on average $2,000 in maintenance costs per vehicle annually
  • Advanced notice of vehicle issues to resource parts and technician labor ahead of time
  • Helps organizations manage fleet maintenance (plan and optimize) as well as the lifecycle of vehicles
  • Allows fleets to leverage data they collect in easy-to-use, digestible dashboard summaries - no spreadsheets or analysts required!

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Pitstop Connect

Provided byPitstop Connect

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