Plow Pilot

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Winter Operations most trusted plow blade position reporting system.  Plow Pilot™ acts as an onboard co-pilot using air over hydraulic trigger signals to sense, capture, and transmit precise blade position to your Geotab GO device. Seamlessly integrate with any  GO device via the IOX-AUXM wiring harness.  Advanced real-time blade position intelligence is certified by Plow Pilot™.

Features And Benefits

In Cab Solution

Unlike hydraulic pressure switches and proximity sensors, the Plow Pilot™ is installed inside the truck’s cab protected from adverse weather, not exposed to fluids or prone to build up of dirt, or damaged by collision or accident.


Air-Triggered Reporting

Connected to the vehicle’s air-piloted valves, the Plow Pilot™ converts pneumatic inputs received directly from the operators control levers to electrical outputs.  These intelligent outputs ensure precise and accurate blade position reporting.  Controlled by air, the device is not prone to failure caused by “stiction” or other failures typical of hydraulic pressure switches or proximity sensors.  


Always Ready to Report

Constant 12 VDC output connects to Geotab Telematics, broadcasting blade position status in real-time.  The Plow Pilot™ is not required to be disconnected when removing other winter control components.    


No Downtime for Repairs  

A more cost-effective, tamper-proof solution to winter operations.  The Plow Pilot™ is a self-contained unit, there are no moving parts to deteriorate or require replacement.  Fully enclosed in 304 stainless steel housing, the components can not be deliberately bypassed by operators.  


Patent-Protected in Canada and the United States

The Plow Pilot™ holds high customer value and product satisfaction, thanks to DiCAN Inc.’s demonstrated technical expertise and commitment to serving the marketplace with industry leading solutions for collision avoidance and fleet management.



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