Predictive Coach identifies poor driver behavior based on telematics data from the Geotab GO device, then automatically assigns training to the driver based on their specific driving behavior while documenting the corrective action for management.


Predictive Coach monitors driver behavior exceptions such as speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering, and lack of seat belt use.


Predictive Coach helps managers and administrators:

  • Create & maintain safe drivers.
  • Provide quality driver training content automatically.
  • Reduce fuel expense via better driving.
  • Create vehicle maintenance savings.
  • Increase vehicle longevity.
  • Obtain and retain insurance coverage.
  • Reduce the workload that telematics reporting & driver discipline can place on managers and administrators.
  • Dramatically reduce willful negligence caused by having telematics data and not actively managing driver issues.
  • Avoid common pitfalls which lead to nuclear verdicts.
  • Proven by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) to reduce speeding by nearly 74%!


Predictive Coach answers the questions generated by reports and alerts, “Okay, I know the challenges my drivers are facing; now what?” “How do I get them to improve?”

Protect your business with Predictive Coach!

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