Prophesy Dispatch Software

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Prophesy Dispatch Software for Truckload Carriers offers a comprehensive solution for dispatch and accounting at a fraction of the price of traditional systems. It will streamline and integrate your dispatch and accounting departments, and is capable of handling all of your operational needs. So while your dispatchers are quoting rates, booking loads, and tracking driver check calls, your accounting personnel can print invoices, pay bills and drivers, and create detailed financial reports that put you in control of your company's finances.


And with a seamless integration to Geotab, your team can rely on complete Hours of Service integration and robust eLog alert capabilities for your Prophesy Dispatch Software. This integration offers seamless import of Hours of Service data into Prophesy Dispatch, automatic creation of check calls and calculation of ETA's, automatic alerts for your dispatchers if a load is running late and seamless import of miles for IFTA fuel tax calculation.


Prophesy Dispatch, a Körber product will:

  • Dramatically simplify your dispatch functions and improve your level of customer service.
  • Allow you to quickly quote rates to both potential and existing customers.
  • Print freight bills and handle driver advances and revenue settlement.
  • Track all your trucks, drivers, and loads so you know where they are at all times.

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