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Revvo Lite is an AI-powered tire management, insights, and alert solution on the TireIQ™ platform.


Revvo Lite uses AI to unify recommendations for tire optimization.


It is for fleets and OEMs who are data-rich but insights-poor, challenged with getting actionable recommendations from their tire data. 

It operationalizes data from OEM sensors or third-party sensors, and is recommended for:

  • Fleets with existing tire data accessible via API or current telematics provider
  • Fleets to manage their tires with a tire management dashboard, automated reporting, and smart alerting.
  • OEMs to operationalize existing raw tire data with TireIQTM event detection, smart alerting, and dashboards.



View, track, and investigate every tire in the fleet all from one dashboard with automated reporting and smart alerting. 24/7 real-time visibility into tires —not just when in the repair shop—gives fleets time to address irregularities before they become crippling costs. A flat tire creates a snowball effect of collateral damage including costs of driver downtime, missed delivery commitments, roadside assistance, and unscheduled repair work. 


For example, by using Revvo, a DSP achieved lower grounding rates from tire-related safety issues among its Delivery Service Provider (DSP) vehicles. These lower rates  of downtime translate to more than $500,000 in annual savings just in roadside calls and driver idle time across one portion of its fleet. Furthermore, this customer achieved a 5X improvement in its key performance indicator (KPI) of tracked and recorded tire repairs, and 68% improvement in detecting tire position. 



Revvo Lite’s TireIQ and dashboard monitor tire health and driver inspections, giving confidence that drivers will make it to their destination without mishaps. With 15% of tire-related roadside events occurring due to non-compliance with pre- or post-trip inspections (source: FMCSA), Revvo’s dashboard auto-indicates irregularities real-time. As 75% of inspection violations are for vehicle maintenance, Revvo helps fleet managers or owners to be more compliant during pre- and post-trip inspections.



Revvo’s proactive monitoring can significantly extend a tire’s usable life. Revvo’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) enables cost-saving options to retread instead of replace while improving fuel economy.

Features And Benefits

Monitor Tires Effortlessly

  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Puncture/Leak Detection
  • Predicted Tread Depth
  • High Temperature Detection
  • Tire Anomaly Detection
  • Quick Scan Vehicle Tire Conditions


Alerts to Reduce Roadside Events:

  • Receive alerts via SMS, email, slack, or API for any tire with critical issues.
  • Real-time tire alerts via SMS/Email/API
  • Message Forwarding for Tire Vendors on Open Alerts/Actions Needed
  • AI Triggered Preventative Actions


Use insights for smarter decisions:

Review structured reports daily, weekly, or customized to a team’s needs. Use tools like Tire Investigator to see and share tire events at your computer or on the go.

  • Pre/Post Trip Reporting
  • Daily Action Reports
  • Automated Compliance Reports
  • Geo Location Maintenance
  • Auto-calculated ROI Impact 
  • Projected tire life analysis
  • Automated Tire Action Summary


Manage data troves responsibly:

  • Secure and Encrypted Data
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Tire Data Logging
  • Tire Inventory and Performance Data Repository


Revvo Lite uses Revvo TireIQ’s AI Technology

Revvo’s TireIQ platform deploys Artificial Intelligence at every level of Revvo’s product stack.

  • Operational decisions: AI generated recommendations for which tires to take action on per season, routes, tire brands, vehicle types, and load.
  • Intelligence: With 375 billion tire revolution datapoints, Revvo leads the industry in insight on vehicle speed, tire position, and vehicle global positioning.
  • Auto-locate: TireIQ’s smart auto-mapping provides reliable location data on newly-placed tires, saving significant time managing vehicles with five or more tires.
  • Cost reduction: Predict tire condition impact on fuel efficiency, tire wear CPM, safety, and tire spend
  • Tire health monitoring: 24/7 automated detection of puncture/leaks, low tread depth, tire health prediction. 


Simple Integration

Install easily without disrupting daily operations. Revvo’s plug and play automated workflow reduces tire technician overhead via automated sensor configuration and tire position detection. Revvo software is easy to train and always connected, reducing technician and driver stress.



Revvo enables personalized alert conditions, such as by issue category, delivery type, frequency, and vehicle type.


Support and Insights

Stay connected anytime safely with 24/7 Support. Revvo’s customer success team also provides: 

  1. Real-time, customizable alerts for each customer user type.
  2. A dedicated Slack channel for each customer, for reliable logging and transparent tracking of resolution status.
  3. CS receives the same alerts as customers, enabling trend analysis across the entire customer set for faster roadmap feedback. 

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Revvo LITE

Provided byRevvo Technologies

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