Rose Rocket is a modern TMS solution built for carriers that want to future-proof their business. From quote to cash, Rose Rocket’s features are made to help every role at a trucking company work more efficiently. From automating order management and eliminating manual data entry, to streamlining planning and dispatching, Rose Rocket makes operations easier so your team can focus on the tasks that grow your business. 


Rose Rocket’s integration with Geotab connects GPS and Hours of Service data to order and manifest information, allowing carriers to better plan, dispatch, and track shipments. Location data and order information can then be made available to shippers through Rose Rocket’s Customer Portal technology, to improve shipper experience while reducing manual update requests.

Features And Benefits

Rose Rocket General Features: 

  • Order Management: Users can create, manage, and filter every order. Important information is viewed at a glance or in detail.
  • Plan & Dispatch: Orders can be divided into different legs to get dispatched to the right team, or driver. Rose Rocket can handle LTL, FTL, single stop or multi-stop deliveries. 
  • Driver Scheduling: Planners can create and manage driver shifts from a calendar view. By filtering for drivers who are available within the required time, and have the right hours of service left, loads can get assigned much faster.
  • Driver Mobile App: Give drivers an app to see stops, get e-signatures, message dispatch, scan documents and upload pictures that go right into your Rose Rocket TMS.
  • Customer Portal: Give customers their own private and secure portal, where they can input orders, track & trace, manage documents, and more.
  • Control Center: Planners and dispatchers can see orders and drivers on a map-based view to plan visually and save time.
  • Track and Trace: Teams can see real-time location, last known location, or send ETAs to customers. This ensures deliveries are on time or expectations are set in advance should they run into any issues along the way.
  • Invoice & Billing: Teams can manage, consolidate, export, or send every invoice and bill. 
  • Multi-Currency: Rose Rocket can handle USD or CAD seamlessly between customers and orders.
  • Integrations: Rose rocket can integrate with business applications, EDIs, APIs, webhooks, and more. Our open architecture enables you to choose the best-in-class software you need to future-proof your business.

Features enabled by Geotab:

  • Real-time Planning: With up-to-the-minute location available right in a manifest, dispatchers and CSRs can improve efficiency while reducing errors.
  • Better Customer Experience: Customers can log in to a private and secure portal to view updated ETA to maximize dock efficiency and decrease driver detention.
  • Maximize Capacity Optimization: Hours of Service data for each driver is pulled into the TMS to help improve planning while maximizing driver capacity.


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