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RUBICONSmartCity was designed to help city governments run faster, more efficient, and more effective solid waste, recycling, and municipal fleet operations. It helps city governments save money by providing comprehensive route management for solid waste, service verifications in real-time, work order dispatch and management, and electronic issue reporting from the field. The solution has been deployed in more than 45 cities across the US.

Features And Benefits

Solid Waste is one of the five largest costs a City government faces. Public Works Departments need a solution that integrates with their GPS provider but provides waste-specific functionality. RUBICONSmartCity provides full suite telematics, automatic service verifications, dynamic routing, contamination monitoring, and the ability to gather countless community insights to enhance municipal operations. Together the components of our technology—the In-Cab-Interface (ICI), Pod, RUBICONVision, and Portal—provide the following capabilities:  

  • Automatic service verification at residential and commercial pick-up locations, without RFID. Service status is available to management and supervisors in real-time as operators complete their routes.
  • An end-to-end route and service management solution for refuse collection, including comprehensive and dynamic route sequencing functionality to aid in the routing and dispatching of residential, commercial, ad hoc, bulk, and cart delivery
  • An In-Cab-Interface that provides operators with relevant route and customer information, turn-by-turn navigation, pre-and post-trip inspections with a customizable list of items for inspection, ability to log weight tickets, and field collections data in real-time including:
  • Exception flagging and photo capabilities enabling operators to log issues and take time-stamped photos in real-time as they drive their routes.


RUBICONSmartCity is designed to deliver cost savings by eliminating missed pickups, paper route sheets and manual tracking of customers'; reduction of customer call volume to conserve valuable time; and enable remote monitoring of operations. 



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