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SafeDrivePod offers a complete solution that ensures the smartphone screen is locked during driving.


The SafeDrivePod device is placed in the vehicle and detects whether it is moving. The app installed on the phone connects with the pod and closes the screen while driving. The backend server monitors the compliance of the drivers: keep Bluetooth on, keep the app installed, etc.


When the SafeDrivePod is installed in the vehicle, the driver experiences the following:

  • During driving, the touch screen of the smartphone is blocked;
  • After 10 seconds of standstill the touch screen is accessible again.
  • Making hands-free calls is still possible (using a car kit);
  • If the user switches off Bluetooth or removes the app, a notification will be sent to the user;
  • Registration and activation is a single, simple and quick process with full support of the SafeDrivePod customer support team;
  • User has access to a personal dashboard in the app.



The small round pod is for normal cars with a battery life guarantee of 350,000 km, while the bigger ‘TruckPod’ with bigger battery is for trucks with 2 million kilometers of battery life. Both devices have the same functionality, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) technology and movement detection.

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Features & Benefits

  • GPS of the phone is not used: avoids privacy issues
  • For Android and iOS
  • For cars, bikes, vans, buses and trucks
  • Blocks the screen only while driving
  • Handsfree calls and navigation apps possible
  • Dashboard reports: insights in usage and compliance
  • Each phone can register with unlimited number of pods

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