Simplify the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies with Sawatch Labs' proprietary analytics software ezEV. Assess individual vehicles to determine if driving needs can be met with an electric vehicle (EV). Each vehicle is scored on its energy use, economics, and parking consistency (for charging infrastructure considerations) to produce an Overall EV Suitability Score. This composite Score is based on more than 170 attributes, calculated from 10,000s of data points per vehicle to provide the financial savings, reduced fuel use, and reduced GHG emissions if your existing vehicle were to be replaced with the recommended EV. This EV Suitability Assessment allows you to confidently determine when an EV would be a good fit for your drivers and, importantly, when it would not.

Features And Benefits

  • ezEV Score: Calculate whether Electric Vehicles are right for your fleet.
  • Economic Metrics: Reduce operational costs
  • Sustainability Metrics: Reduce GHG emissions and increase fuel savings
  • Operational Suitability Metrics: Determine how EV's can improve operations, not hinder them.
  • Charging Infrastructure Locations


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Device Requirements

GO6 and up

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ProPlus, Pro

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