Smart eDriver is an NHVR approved electronic work diary (EWD). It takes compliance, safety and chain of responsibility paperless to keep your fleet safe and productive. Smart eDriver doesn't require telematics or any connection to the vehicle, nor does it require a particular make or model of device. It has been designed to be as simple to use as possible for both drivers and fleet managers.

Features And Benefits

Benefits for Fleet Managers

  • No telematics required - Smart eDriver is a standalone cloud-based app, and doesn't require any kind of telematics or connection to the vehicle.
  • You choose the phone or tablet - We don't require your fleet to use any specific brand or model of device. We have the largest list of NHVR approved devices, and can undertake testing to qualify any device not already listed.
  • Powerful business analytics platform - Get real-time driver data including geolocation of driver events and fully compliant driver scheduling. Our basic analytics portal is available to fleet managers free of charge, and offers some seriously powerful business intelligence. Reports can be customised to suit your businesses' requirements for a low monthly charge.
  • Supports standard, BFM and AFM fatigue plans - Standard and BFM (basic fatigue management) rulesets are supported as default, but if your business needs to implement AFM rulesets, our in-house developers can accommodate this at an extra cost.
  • Strong security to prevent data manipulation - Data is locked after end of day is completed, and the app cannot be deleted while the device is offline.
  • Simplifies chain of responsibility - It's your job to ensure that your fleet or business meets all safety and operation requirements by law, and Smart eDriver makes this easier to achieve than ever. Our EWD app ensures that you have real-time access to compliance data.
  • Australian developed, owned and operated - Smart eDriver is a product developed by the team at Step Global. Our reliable in-house software engineers and support staff are ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Cloud based, just download and go - Smart eDriver is a standalone app, and doesn't require any kind of telematics or connection to your vehicle.
  • Familiar, easy to use interface - We've replicated the familiar layout of the paper logbook so that you can hit the ground running. You won't have to learn a complicated new interface. 
  • Reduce your reporting time by over 50% - Compared to paper logbooks, our EWD app can reduce the time you spend logging breaks. Forget the constant stopping and starting that paper logbooks require.
  • Automated notifications - You won't need to memorise complicated fatigue management rulesets, and instead can rely on us to do the heavy lifting. Smart eDriver will automatically send notifications for rest breaks and potential non-compliance events. 
  • Drive for multiple businesses? No problem - Smart eDriver can accommodate multiple business profiles. When you start the app, simply select which business you are driving for, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Can operate offline - The app will automatically upload records once online again, making it suitable for remote or rural driving.
  • Quick, accurate and efficient for compliance officers - Smart eDriver takes the hassle out of reporting to your compliance manager. With our powerful analytics platform, they'll be able to access real-time compliance data with the click of a button.
  • Reliable Australian support - Smart eDriver is Australian developed, owned and operated. We have nationwide support staff ready to assist you when you need it.



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