SpeedGauge® is a data analytics company that specializes in driver behavior modification using our dynamic reporting features and driver coaching techniques to reduce risk. Our SpeedGauge Safety Center® is the essential driver coaching, speed monitoring, and performance improvement solution created to provide companies the visibility into driver behavior – QUICKLY! Using our coaching philosophy, we empower fleet managers to reward top performers and also identify those in need of more coaching to reduce risk. Our SpeedGauge Safety Score® allows a fleet to benchmark themselves compared to thousands of other SpeedGauge® fleets. Insurance carriers use our SpeedGauge Safety Score® when underwriting policies. 


SpeedGauge® is also recognized as having the most accurate posted speed limit data in the industry. Updated daily. We have approximately 500,000 vehicles being monitored worldwide.


SpeedGauge® retrieves vehicle position and driver data from the MyGeotab platform, processes this data, and provides their own driver or vehicle incident and trending reports, charts, and other analytics through the SpeedGauge Safety Center® web portal. No hardware installation required.

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Features & Benefits


  • Scheduled reports identify speeding trends
  • Trend charts monitor fleet behaviour
  • Speeding maps
  • Targeted search tools
  • Custom speed limits, including private and non-mapped locations
  • Live Activity Feed of speeding behavior
  • Real time speeding alerts
  • Access to SpeedGauge's dedicated training and support team



  • Coach, retain and incentivize drivers
  • Increase revenue and improve efficiency
  • Lower operational, insurance and legal costs
  • Reduce mechanical wear and tear
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Bring your CSA Score down – quickly!
  • Meet customer contractor compliance requirements

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